Introduction to the Inaugural Issue

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first edition of Screen Culture. We would like to start by thanking you for embarking on this journey with us. We hope this will be the first in a long series, and our ambition is to showcase superior student writing and set the highest standards for academic ingenuity and respectability.

Students and faculty of Oakland University’s Cinema Studies department built Screen Culture from the ground up. We of the editorial board selected a series of essays written by some of the department’s brightest that exemplify the spirit of approaching cinema academically. Our intent is to establish Screen Culture as a journal for exploring how we experience, interact with, and talk about moving images. We know the lines that divided cinema, television, and web-based content are ever blurred, and will only continue to intersect. This is why Screen Culture will evolve so that moving images, regardless of their source, can be discussed equally as resources for how we express ourselves.

The name “Screen Culture” serves as the goal for what we want this journal  to be. We do not view culture as a means of division by standards of superiority or status, rather culture as the expression of experience and the practice of sharing these expressions. Screen Culture is a discussion of these expressions.

Henceforth, Screen Culture will adhere to these standards that we have given ourselves:

  1. This journal must achieve a level of academic responsibility
  2. Ideas expressed within this journal must be thoughtful, original, and constructed with good intent.
  3. Editors must not discriminate against ideas opposing their own,
    rather approach their position with an open mind.
  4. Essays within this journal are not to diminish a person’s work,
    but discuss works that writers feel have value.
  5. This journal will not only discuss the expressions of experience,
    but those who are expressing them.

A special thanks is owed to those who have made this journal possible. Above all, we acknowledge the support of the Oakland University Cinema Studies program and the Department of English, who provided the resources and logistical assistance necessary to publish this first issue. Additional thanks are owed to the students and faculty of the Cinema Studies program for supporting our new initiative, and in particular to those authors who have contributed essays to our inaugural issue.


The Editorial Board of Screen Culture

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